Attorney Jones publicly pushes back against the most powerful interests in the world. For example, he has filed and/or pursued more than twenty-five federal civil-rights charges since 2012 on behalf numerous U.S. Department of Defense educators challenging all kinds of legally actionable discrimination and retaliation transpiring on U.S. military bases across the world.


Other causes he has taken up have been covered publicly.

  • Taking on Art Institute of Pittsburgh (Education Management Corporation) in $3 million lawsuits brought by dismissed employees: DISCRIMINATION CASES AGAINST ART INSTITUTE OF PITTSBURGH REINSTATED, (defeating Reed Smith’s team 3-0 at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in October 2016)
  • Exposing racial and sexual harassment in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lexington's high school, which resulted in breach-of-contract/civil-rights cases filed in August 2016:

Attorney Jones is featured in the chapter on “100 Ways to Look at a Black Man” in Harvard Law School Professor Charles J. Ogletree’s 2011 book, THE PRESUMPTION OF GUILT. Mr. Jones is also acknowledged in the preface to Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz’s 2006 book, PREEMPTION: A KNIFE THAT CUTS BOTH WAYS.