Attorney Jones specializes in drafting, critiquing, challenging, and enforcing employment agreements, defending civil rights, advancing religious freedom, enforcing ethics codes, and teaching best practices as an invited speaker
at conferences and symposia. He is one of the most widely quoted authorities on the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938 in the world, in an era of increasing prominence and prosecution in this area of law. 


Entering his thirteenth year in Washington, D.C.-based global practice and with seven full-time years in the legal academy, Mr. Jones resolves conflicts resulting from competing liberties enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and international human-rights regimes, as well as similar matters materializing in corporate contexts. He is frequently called upon to address difficult legal questions of the day and has been quoted recently in the New York Times, National Review, The Times of Israel, Gawker, Gizmodo, and The Forward.


A constitutional populist and equitable problem-solver, Attorney Jones is regarded as a true moderate, operating almost uniquely in the American legal academy today. His work is inspired chiefly by the writings and examples of Carter G. Woodson, E. Franklin Frazier, Felix Frankfurter, Lani Guinier, Martin Luther King, Robert Bork, Samuel P. Huntington, Alan Dershowitz, Deborah Lipstadt, Randall Kennedy, Kimberlé Crenshaw, and Albert Mohler.

Professor Jones graduated from Emory University (cum laude in Political Science), the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and Harvard Law School more than a decade ago.  A 1996 National Merit Scholar, 1999 Harry S. Truman Scholar, and 2006 Fulbright Postgraduate Scholar in Australia, he has gone on to achieve a number of high-profile legal victories at the intersections of race, religion, constitutional law, and contracting. These include his 7-0 Kentucky Supreme Court reversal following a five-year First Amendment court battle by which he restored tenure rights to his home state’s tenured seminary professors by litigating the case Jimmy Kirby v. Lexington Theological Seminary, 426 S.W.3d 597 (Ky. 2014). Following the resolution of that landmark case, Professor Jones spent Fall 2015 as Academic Visitor to the Faculty of Law at the University of Oxford.

The Scholar

Professor Jones’s articles have been published in the North Carolina Law Review (2014), the Widener Journal of Law, Economics and Race (2013), the Georgia State University Law Review (2006), the Thurgood Marshall Law Review (2005), the Harvard BlackLetter Law Journal (2005), and other periodicals. He has lectured on four continents.

The Advocate

Mr. Jones, an ordained Baptist deacon from one of America’s storied black civil-rights families, commits time and resources from the time-honored moral conviction that crooked ways must be made straight. “I didn’t go to school in order to serve people who deploy every unfair advantage they have to the detriment of regular folk,” he says.

The Fighter

Attorney Jones publicly pushes back against some of the world's most powerful interests. This commitment is reflected in his having pursued numerous federal claims on behalf of a growing and multi-racial number of U.S. Department of Defense educators exposing discrimination, retaliation, and other violations on military bases globally.




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